David Lader’s Homemade Clips Part 2

David Lader – July 1, 2012 Thanks for visiting me and these old Warrior’s Dance clips. This second piece is simply a continuation of the first one I posted… The music playing in the studio is Robert Mirabal’s song entitled “Popay Runner.”  I have been deeply inspired by this piece of music for many years.  It starts… Read More

Belt Rankings in Martial Arts explained by David Lader

I read a recent Martial Arts forum about some folks who are very concerned about the length of time it takes between belt rankings in their style… Here’s what I shared… Really, at the end of the day, as they say, there are so many styles, schools, organizations, etc., that there never has been, nor… Read More

Breaking Boards with David Lader

Warrior's Dance Video Montage with David Lader

In the video linked below, David Lader demonstrates breaking boards, the martial arts tradition that always manages to captivate audiences. In this demonstration, David also takes the opportunity to instruct students on how to hold ans position the wood while breaking boards. The way in which the boards are held is extremely significant and helps… Read More

Warrior’s Dance Video Montage with David Lader

This video was created to help illustrate some of the intense routines and graceful choreography that are practiced here at the Warrior’s Dance studio in Tucson.  As you can see in this five-minute video, Warrior’s Dance is not one type of martial arts training, but a hybrid of multiple martial arts and dance disciplines.  It’s… Read More

Martial Arts training is about more than just fighting

I am continually amazed and inspired by the passion, commitment, and dedication of our Warrior’s Dance students here in Tucson.  Our students always work and play hard in the studio, and the intense physical and psychological engagements that take place during our late evening martial arts training sessions seem to inspire many interesting topics of… Read More