Martial Arts training is about more than just fighting

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I am continually amazed and inspired by the passion, commitment, and dedication of our Warrior’s Dance students here in Tucson.  Our students always work and play hard in the studio, and the intense physical and psychological engagements that take place during our late evening martial arts training sessions seem to inspire many interesting topics of conversation.  It’s common for friendly debates to occur during the course of our workouts.  Our training environment seems to “kick our minds into a higher gear” and inspire us all to think critically about our relationships to our world, our community, and ourselves.  We regularly enjoy discussions about art, science, politics, social reform, and much more…


Martial arts training can be about so much more than self-defense.  Our Warrior’s Dance experience weaves itself into every aspect of our lives, and the results are both interesting and inspiring.  I have been maintaining a list of these various discussions, mostly about how we “move” through the world figuratively and literally, and I have finally begun to share my thoughts and feelings in a newer blog which I’m very excited about.


Located at  ​​, this new blog is something of a creative forum in which I will discuss Warrior’s Dance, martial arts training in general,  and several other subjects I find interesting.


Because I welcome discourse and new opinions, please feel free to visit and join in the conversation! Thank you for taking the time to visit and, as always, Be Well…

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Warrior's Dance is unique in that it blends martial arts, movement, and athleticism into a form that challenges your complete body and mind...

Rafael Otto
Tucson, Arizona

The first day of class, I discovered new muscle groups moving in unison. As class progressed, I began to shed those rigid layers...

Darrin Seidel
Tucson, Arizona

David’s style is eclectic and unique; it refuses to end up in a fixed routine of movements that get repeated in every class… indeed every class is different, though related, and it is impossible to get bored...

Tamir Weiner
Tucson, Arizona

As an older and very active athlete of many years, I am grateful to have found in Warrior's Dance a certain softer approach to conditioning that is allowing me to stay very strong and age with such grace and dignity...

Maralyn Goldstein
Tucson, Arizona

I highly recommend Warrior's Dance for anyone interested in self-development on a higher plane of mastery...

Dan Biel
Tucson, Arizona

I have taught and practiced yoga for many years, and recently began Warrior's Dance. I immediately noticed results that I never experienced from yoga...

Barbara Kittel
Tucson, Arizona

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