What is Warrior’s Dance? David Lader explains his vision

What is Warrior’s Dance? It is a celebration of movement created by martial arts instructor, teacher, musician, and artist David Lader. It is an expression of the beauty, wisdom, knowledge, and vision of ancient warriors – coupled with the insight of the modern era.

David Lader in MotionCelebrating the timeless beauty and dignity of ancient warrior traditions.

David Lader‘s Warrior’s Dance is a celebration of movement. Experience a fusion of dance and martial arts that invigorates the body and stimulates the soul.

Closer to art than regimen — more like ballet than exercise.

Students experience energy and vitality through flowing, graceful movements, the nurturing of the group, and the revitalization that results from a demanding and complete body engagement.

David Lader UnityA Personal Challenge and a Sense of Unity

Unlike many exercise regimens that foster either a sense of competition or isolation, Warrior’s Dance instruction focuses on community and group interaction. Your spirits are uplifted through hard work, good humor, and the satisfaction that comes with accomplishment.

Training That Inspires Your Creativity

As you master the fundamentals and advance in your study, David Lader encourages you to explore new movement combinations. Warrior’s Dance allows you to tailor your workout so that it is always fresh and engaging.

David Lader Fitness GoalsReach your fitness goals with unparallelled efficiency

Warrior’s Dance is a synthesis of time-honored martial arts principles and modern research in biomechanics and physiology. Stressing the importance of recovery as well as activity to ensure your success, Warrior’s Dance is a low impact workout that builds muscle tone while preserving the integrity of joints and connective tissues.

Warrior’s Dance instruction is now available on DVD. While both the DVD and our classes are demanding, they are appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. You may be a professional athlete, a dancer, a fitness enthusiast, or just starting an exercise regimen for the first time— Warrior’s Dance appeals to everyone.  Contact David Lader today at 520-343-3887.


Warrior's Dance is unique in that it blends martial arts, movement, and athleticism into a form that challenges your complete body and mind...

Rafael Otto
Tucson, Arizona

The first day of class, I discovered new muscle groups moving in unison. As class progressed, I began to shed those rigid layers...

Darrin Seidel
Tucson, Arizona

David’s style is eclectic and unique; it refuses to end up in a fixed routine of movements that get repeated in every class… indeed every class is different, though related, and it is impossible to get bored...

Tamir Weiner
Tucson, Arizona

As an older and very active athlete of many years, I am grateful to have found in Warrior's Dance a certain softer approach to conditioning that is allowing me to stay very strong and age with such grace and dignity...

Maralyn Goldstein
Tucson, Arizona

I highly recommend Warrior's Dance for anyone interested in self-development on a higher plane of mastery...

Dan Biel
Tucson, Arizona

I have taught and practiced yoga for many years, and recently began Warrior's Dance. I immediately noticed results that I never experienced from yoga...

Barbara Kittel
Tucson, Arizona

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